Developing Links with New Zealand Young Planners

We are delighted that links are now developing with our colleagues across the globe. New Zealand YP are a very active group and are strongly supporting the development of our Network and hopefully we can move forward to share, practice and ideas with this great planning nation! 🙂

The New Zealand YP have a great blog, please take a look, comment and share your ideas.

Below is the article currently on the New Zealand YP blog:

The Commonwealth Association of Planners


The Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP) seeks to focus and develop the skills of urban and regional planners across the Commonwealth to meet the challenges of urbanisation and the sustainable development of human settlements.

CAP has links with its members, with other professional associations, and with non-governmental organisations involved in the struggle to improve human settlements, to alleviate poverty and to move towards sustainable development. CAP welcomes opportunities to participate in activities which bring together planners and communities and /or other professionals.

The NZPI is currently forging ties with CAP, and Bryce Julian, Chair of NZPI Board, is currently sitting on the CAP Executive Panel as Vice-President for Australasia-Pacific. Emma Howie, National Young Planners Representative, is currently looking to strengthen the relationship of New Zealand Young Planners Group with the CAP Young Planners Group.

The CAP Young Planners Group has been set up under CAP and is focused on creating a network of young planners across the commonwealth to share, build and discuss fresh ideas. The CAP Young Planners Group is looking to arrange webinars targeted at the interests of Young Planners in the Commonwealth, and all young planner members of the NZPI will be given access to these webinars for free. These will be run in conjunction with the recently launched 2015 CAP webinar series – check out the CAP Website for updates on the next webinar.

For more info on the CAP Young Planners Group, check out the following links:

CAP Young Planners WebsiteFacebookBlogTwitter/@CAPYoungPlan 


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