By Viral Desai.


Simply…. This could be the deal we need to help us save the planet.

There is not much more to add to this Blog Post but share your ideas, practice and ensure that the deal that was struck this weekend is not just lip service to the single biggest issue that threatens mankind… Climate Change.

Be innovative, look at your locality and sense that you can make a difference and you can make the transition to a low carbon environment.

Make sure your markets understand the value of green technology and ensure that they deliver the wind turbines, the solar panels and good efficient technology to deliver a better world for ourselves and future generations to come.

Teach our young people, our young planners, the value of living in a sustainable environment, but also it is up to us to deliver this better greener world.

Historic Day in Paris… Lets keep the momentum and make the world a cleaner, greener world!

Globe with turbines.jpg

Share your views and ideas on COP21! Send them to and will post them here at the CAP YP Blog.



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