Dear Friends, you are invited to join us for the second CAP YP Webinar, which is part of the CAP Webinar Series.

Note there are two dates for this webinar, with Robin kindly doing two live versions to help cover the whole of the Commonwealth.
1. Aus, NZ, Asia and North America webinar at 12noon (Brisbane GMT +10 ) on Thursday 4 February ;
2. Europe, Asia and Africa webinar at 9am (London GMT) on Friday 5 February

Featured Presentation By:

Robin King-Cullen LFPIA CPP – author of “Mastering the Art of Planning – 100 Stories from Urban Planning Practice”.
Prior to establishing her own consultancy business in 2004, Robin had nearly 30 years’ experience in local government across rural, regional and metropolitan Councils in Australia including 11 years at Department Head level. Her experience covers rural and urban town planning (both statutory and strategic); public policy development; community consultation and dispute resolution; and governance. After selling The Planning Academy in early 2014 Robin has concentrated on sharing her own (and others’) workplace experiences in planning practice with planning students and early-career professionals. Her current business, “Planning Secrets” , records the real-life stories of experienced town planners about lessons they learned from town planning practice – what they were doing, what happened, what they learnt and what advice they would give young planners as a result.

The presentation focusses on the tricky bits of planning you don’t learn about at university; the joys and perils of being a planner and how to stay focused on planning principles in the face of the political, community and process pressures experienced in planning practice. Presentation content draws on the wisdom of scores of seasoned planning professionals who generously shared their early career learnings in “Mastering the Art of Planning – 100 Stories from Urban Planning Practice” for the benefit of those who follow in their footsteps. Robin will also share one more piece of wisdom that is not included in her book.

For more information, visit the CAP Young Planners Blog website at:

Registration: Please email Viral Desai at to register for the event. Please let me the date and time you plan on attending. We hope you can make it!

Kind Regards,
Viral Desai (CAP YP Co-ordinator)

This Commonwealth Association of Planners Webinar Series event is brought to you by the Caribbean Planners Association with the support of the Caribbean Network for Urban and Land Management “blueSpace” and UN-Habitat.


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