The Commonwealth Association of Planners seeks to focus and develop the skills of urban and regional planners across the Commonwealth to meet the challenges of urbanisation and the sustainable development of human settlements.

CAP has links with its members, with other professional associations, and with non-governmental organisations involved in the struggle to improve human settlements, to alleviate poverty and to move towards sustainable development. CAP welcomes opportunities to participate in activities which bring together planners and communities and /or other professionals.

Young Planner Objectives:

The goals of the group are to follow the strong values set by the CAP itself and building on there work, but also having a group of Young Planners who can also share, build and bring fresh ideas:

  • ​developing the skills and knowledge of Town Planners across the Commonwealth;
  • promote co-operation and a point of contact between member organisations and Young Planners in the Commonwealth;
  • ensure the Young Planners contribute to the well-being of society and the creation of more sustainable settlements and adequate shelter for all
  • aim to share professional, educational, research and technical information in planning and related fields and the dissemination of good practice between Young Planners across the Commonwealth;
  • encourage liaison or collaboration with relevant national, Commonwealth and international governmental and non-governmental organisations, including Young Planner chapters across the Commonwealth within Town Planning and other professions;​
  • Support other Commonwealth countries to join the CAP;
  • Support reasearch and funding into Town and Country Planning across the Commonwealth; and
  • promote collaboration between planners other professionals within the built environment to deliver sustainable development across the commonwealth.

In shaping the future of the CAP Young Planners please follow the following social media sites

​​​​​CAP Twitter– this will be used to post about the group, its events but also about practice and to share ideas about Town and Regional Planning across the world.  To follow the CAP Young Planners please add @CAPYoungPlan. This account has been created and you can start to follow and connect through this immediately.

​​​Facebook- . Discussion topics will also be posted here, which will allow more freely the expression of the views of the Commonwealth Young Planners, hopefully allowing the sharing of ideas, knowledge and practice within Town and Regional Planning. Please like the following page to connect further with the Young Planners of CAP https://www.facebook.com/YPCAP?fref=ts

Webpage– http://www.commonwealth-planners.org/index.php/en/young-planners


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